Friday, February 21, 2014

This goes out to all my food allergy mamas- EpiPen Savings!

If you are a food allergy mom like me (milk, wheat, eggs, peanuts and all tree nuts for our girlie), you are familiar with the EpiPen Jr. We currently have a two-pack in my purse, one in a cupboard at home and one at school.  When you're purchasing these in what feels like bulk, it's not cheap.  We are very fortunate that our co-pay for them is just $40 each, but that still adds up to $120 per year (or more if we forget them in the hot car and have to replace them a month after getting them. Ugh.).  And I know some families have multiple children with allergies or their insurance doesn't cover them or their co-pays are much higher and they can easily be shelling out hundreds for their epi, which of course we all hope we never have to use anyway!

I am still excited about the pattern I made up to make this EpiPen carrier, so sharing the photo again. LOL!

Last year I found that Mylan, the maker of the EpiPen Jr. and EpiPen, had a zero copay savings card you could request, take it to the pharmacy and use it on UNLIMITED refills until December 31, 2013.  Awesome!  I snagged one and got my refills free last year.  I found out that they are doing the same thing again this year, so I'm sharing the link and the savings! All you have to do is go to the EpiPen website, answer a few questions, then you can immediately print your savings card to take to the pharmacy and it is good through December 31, 2014.  Go to the EpiPen/EpiPen Jr. website here to get started!
Are you an Auvi-Q user?  The Auvi-Q was just approved by the FDA last year and is a talking self-injector that talks you through the steps of injecting. They are about the size of a credit card and also come in a two-pack. I think they are great for people who may be injecting someone else and aren't familiar with what to do with an injector. Also, in an anaphylaxis situation, you may be panicked and not able to think clearly, therefore the talking injector would come in handy.  Just a personal preference as to which you want between this and the EpiPen- we have both but keep this one solely at home and send the EpiPens to school and other events.  They also have a zero co-pay deal good through December 31, 2014.  Head here to the Auvi-Q page to get started!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Olympic Style Learning!

Everyone is talking about them this week- the 2014 Winter Olympics!  This is the first year they have really been a big deal at our house with the kids.  My seven year old was really excited to watch the torch get lit at the opening ceremonies and had lots of (hilarious!) commentary on the clothing for each different country.  The countries she is rooting for? USA, of course, and also her "relatives from Italy" as she says.  My husband's grandfather's family came to the US from Naples, so she's feeling a connection there.  I decided it was a good time to learn a bit more about Italy, so we turned the Olympics into a lesson on ancestry and culture.

First we read All the Way to America: The Story of a Big Italian Family and a Little Shovel by DanYaccarino. 


The publisher, Random House, also had an online educator's guide to be used with the book, so we took a few sheets of this to work on together.  It had vocabulary words, review questions and writing exercises.  We really liked this book, which is a true story of how the author's great great grandfather traveled to America to start a new life and follows the future generations as they pass along the values of hard work and family.

Another fun activity we did was  to check out the Sochi Olympics website.  There we could read about the Italian Olympians, see how many medals they have won (5 so far!) and see when they would be competing next.  We checked out all of the US stats, too, all while watching the US women's curling competition, which reminded us a little of playing Bocce. :)

Have you used the Olympics as any kind of lesson for your kids? We'd love to know what you did- leave a message or link in the comments!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

One Hour Valentine Banner + tips so you can DIY!

I love Valentines Day and I love banners, so why not mix the two and come up with something really fabulous?!  I made this banner in about an hour and I've got some tips so you can do the same.

First, I cut the hearts on my Silhouette Cameo.  The hearts were part of this file (on sale right now!), where I ungrouped the shapes, deleted everything but the large heart, then resized it to just over 3 inches. I cut four of these from vellum, then four from patterned paper. If you don't have a Cameo or other die cutting machine, cutting the hearts by hand can really be just as fast.  You can either cut one and trace it several times like a stencil, or just cut them all individually- each one slightly different makes a fun and unique banner!
Resizing file and cutting hearts: 10 minutes

Next, I gathered supplies.  This is the most fun part!  Just go through your supplies, pull out anything Valentine related- red, pink, hearts, ribbon, lace, doilies, flowers- you name it!  When starting a project, whether it be a craft project or scrapbook layout, I like to gather up the supplies that coordinate with what I'm doing- whether I use them or not is another thing, but I find that if I have them all together it helps me see what I have, which is easier than digging through drawers looking for things as I am working. This way is a time-saver for me and also I don't get to the end of the project and think "oh, I should have used xxx, but I forgot I had it!"  I put my supplies in a basket, then took it over to my table to get to work.
Supply gathering: 10 minutes

Once I was ready to get to work, I punched holes at the top of both sides of my hearts, then layered the vellum over the patterned paper.   I then laid all four hearts out in a row and started to decide how I wanted my banner to look.  I decided to make small layered areas of embellishments on the bottom right side of every heart.  I laid it all out first, not adhering anything until I was completely sure that's where I wanted it.  I had fun layering buttons, die cuts, cabochon flowers and some flair.  If you're crafting with your kids, give everyone a heart or two to be in charge of- a banner the whole family has contributed to is always fun!  I did not adhere the paper and vellum together, but instead left them as separate, but layered, pieces.
Designing the hearts: 30 minutes

The last step is to decide how you're going to hang the banner and hold it all together.  I first decided on baker's twine, as you can see in my picture with the gathered products, but then decided on some pretty Snug Hug seam binding I got from Paper Issues.  It is pretty and can be a bit ruffly, so it adds the perfect amount of pretty and shabby chic Valentine vibe! I used about 5 inches of pink binding between each heart and attached them by tying small knots at the back of each heart. I had more red binding than pink, so I used longer pieces of that on either side of the banner to hang it with- the length will just depend on how long you need to hang it.
Stringing banner together: 10 minutes

So there is your one hour Valentine banner!  All the little bits and pieces and layers make these really fun to make- each heart is like a little art piece all it's own. If you make a banner, I'd love to see it- leave a link in the comments! 

paper, vellum and die cuts: Crate Paper
Buttons: Fancy Pants, Jenni Bowlin
Cabochon flowers: Studio Calico
Flair: Hello Forever (SC kit)
Seam Binding: Snug Hug from Paper Issues

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I'm getting back to blogging here by sharing some Valentines today!  Valentines Day is one of my favorite kid holidays because there are lots of fun crafts to make and red and pink everywhere!

These are the Valentines we are sharing with our second grade friends this year- a simple word search we made online (just google "word search generator" to make your own).  We found these cute mini colored pencils at Target and are attaching them with some washi from Paper Issues.  I pinned this idea from dandee last year and we are excited to put it into action!  The funny (or not so funny) thing is that Quinn has been sick for her Valentine parties in preschool, kindergarten and first grade, so we are really hoping that second grade is a charm and she gets to participate in the party instead of just getting a bag of Valentines when she goes back to school and the fun is all over.

These were some cute little packages I put together to send some Lego mini figures off to my nephews.  A glassine bag with a banner on top (Christmas paper doubling as Valentine paper!), some quick layered hearts with paper+vellum, and some alphas for their names made these come together super quick.

We are hoping to get some more Valentine craftiness in here at our house this year. I hope you get to enjoy some, too!
PS- I'm linking up at Paper Issues for the Fill 'er Up theme this week!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Guest Designing at American Crafts today!

Today I am super excited to be guest designing for American Crafts!  They are celebrating a week of gratitude and are sharing several of my projects on their blog today.  I got to work with the Autumn Crisp collection, which is one great fall line!  The colors and patterns were really fun to work with and I LOVED the buttons and photo overlays.  Check it out on the American Crafts Studio blog!

  Look at that cute little fox! ^..^

I sure have a lot to be thankful for and really enjoyed documenting some of the little things I have a lot of gratitude for in my life with this line.  Thanks for having me, American Crafts! xoxo!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Witchy Women

Hey everyone! I am blogging over at The Twinery today sharing a short little how-to on making these fun witches.  They really are quick and you can make a whole coven of them at once. :)

Stop by, link up your Halloween projects and you can be in the running for an awesome prize!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Hootenany and some other fun news!

So, first I will share the fun news I got last week.  I will have a layout on the cover of the January issue of Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking. This is the first issue of this magazine since Paper Crafts and Creating Keepsakes merged.  I am really looking forward to it!  You can read more about the issue here.

In other fun news, Paper Issues has their newest issue up this week- Halloween Hootenany!  I am linking up this layout that I made for the PaperHaus Magazine fall issue blog hop.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Later this month I will be sharing some Halloween fun with The Twinery and I'll have some projects with American Crafts next month.  Enjoy this beautiful fall weather we've been having!
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