Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Paul Frank Obsession

I met Julius, the Paul Frank monkey, back in high school when my sister had a Julius shirt. When she told me it was now at Target, I couldn't believe it! Paul Frank has a collection of kid's clothes at Target and they are the CUTEST! Quinn's wardrobe has expanded slightly since my first sighting and it all started with this rain coat my sister sent from her Target:

Then I found this shirt, which she wears as soon as it's clean every time

Then I picked up this hoodie for a Christmas gift because it's a little big right now, and the jammies for her birthday:

Then yesterday I found one more shirt, but I'll save that for her birthday, too. Which I cannot believe is only a month from today! How did I end up with a 3 year old?! I must say, though, 3 is a pretty fun age- the things she says and does amaze me, crack me up, and make me realize how lucky I really am. :)


Angela J. Prieto said...

How cute! I love Paul Frank Monkey. LOL! It seems our daughters have birthdays at about the same time.

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