Tuesday, February 2, 2010

That's What She Said!

I've been meaning to put a book together of all the funny things Quinn says. There seem to be more and more of them lately, and between my memory and various Post-it's floating around my purse and the house, they were bound to get lost.
After looking at things for months, I finally found the perfect solution- the Jenni Bowlin Mini Circle Label papers! I couldn't find them because they were sold out everywhere I looked, so my awesome LSS ordered them for me (thanks, Cari!).
I adhered the pages back to back, then punched holes that I added some felt flowers to. I used a binder ring and tied some 7 Gypsies binding ribbon to it, which will make it easy to add pages later. The Jenni Bowlin Chalkboard Alphas were perfect for the cover page!

And a peek at a few of the inside pages:

Since you can't read it too well, I must share and give you a giggle for the day:
"Mama, hiccups are like a squeaky toy in my mouth!"
Quinn looked at her watch and said "It's fifty cents until Daddy gets home!"

I'm looking forward to filling up this book, and with the things she says and does lately, it shouldn't take long at all! :)


Theresa said...

This is awesome. Makes me want these circles now. Those saying are too cute. the hiccup one is too funny. =)

Renee said...

What a really great idea! Her explanation of a hiccup is completely right. LOL

Cari Cummings said...

Hey Sarah
Thanks a lot for the shout out - from your favorite LSS (Scrapbooks Galore & More). You are indeed one of our favorite (and most talented) customers!

Teri said...

Hey, Sarah! Love the "that's what she said" title...and what a cute idea for a book! Love it! Thanks for the love on my blog...and now I'm off to poke around on yours! Take care!! :)

Amanda said...

I'm really late in commenting, but this is such a cool idea! Not only is the little booklet adorable, but it's going to b a great keepsake for Quinn to have when she's older.

Just out of curiosity,do you sell anything on etsy? Just thinking if you ever wanted to market these, I think people would love them.

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