Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sew Busy!

I've been in sewing mode lately! I made that library tote bag awhile ago and apparently got bit by the tote bag bug in the process. Since then I've made 3 more by kind of melding a few different tutorials into my own pattern.  The last 3 I made were smaller than the library tote.  One I sold, one I gave to my bff for her birthday, and I made this one for me:

Fabric: Michael Miller from hypernoodle2

I also made some onsies for the little guy- they turned out so cute! So cute, in fact, I had to make my sister one for her new little guy and a matching one for his older brother. I can't wait to see pictures of them in their matching shirts! :)  Quinn says this will be perfect for him to wear if he has to go to a meeting:

I did take a sewing break to do a layout for a challenge at Sass Lass this month. I really loved how it turned out- I think the white Mr. Huey really added a fun bit of interest to it! It's one of my faves lately because of all the pink & the softness. This photo was just from a day we were playing around with the camera, but the journaling is about how her one of her preschool teacher told me that she is very caring and compassionate to her friends. When one of them is hurt or sad, she's there to make them feel better. It's  fun to see her hug all of her friends as they arrive at school and again as they leave for the day. Love that girl! :)  And we're going to miss her friends when preschool is done for the year... in just a few weeks!

I hope people are having a drier, sunnier weekend than we are here. Have a great one! :)


Theresa said...

how crafty. I LOVE that tote. so cute. I'm impressed that you are customizing onesies. =) and of course I agree with you on the layout. love it!!!!
I know it's been forever and a day since we've cropped together, but check your calendar for July 1. It's a friday. all day one at SG&M. if you are feeling up to it and want to come, would love to see you.. =)

papirdiva said...

I love that white mist, too! And your layout is so soft and gorgeous :) Thanks for sharing!

Janshotgun said...

Is that tie appliqued to the onesie?? Very cute! Love the LO - I need to get comfortable with white space. Your tote is lovely - it will come in handy when the baby arrives!

Chrissy said...

I am LOVING that tote!!!!! Adorable onesie and page too!

Ellie A. said...

OH I am in LOVE w/that Tote super sweet & that layout is so pretty!

Sarah Webb said...

Adorable layout and pic!

Keshet said...

Wow, so much cute stuff! Love the tie on the onesie and the pretty colors of the layout!

Sarah said...

WOW! Again amazed at your talent!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the need for that onsie if he has a meeting! :) So how much are you selling your totes for? I think they would make an awesome gift for lots of ppl I know!!!!

Jules said...

Perfection...every last project!

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