Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Latest Etsy Faves... and Buys

Being 9 months pregnant in this kind of heat makes for lots of sitting inside with the AC (and ceiling fan) running. So what's a girl to do besides a little on-line shopping on one of her favorite sites... etsy! Here's a few of my latest finds... and of course buys!

Paper straws from HeyYoYo. I got an assorted pack, but you can order in all one color, too. They even come with a free pdf of flag toppers, which would be awesome for party favors. I plan to use them to go with glass bottles of soda for little gifts. I think they'd be an awesome little thank you gift, Halloween treats for friends or for those people you need small Christmas gifts for!  I got these within two days of ordering- yay for super fast shipping!

Big Sis necklace from Sunshine Ceramics. Quinn is getting this when the little guy arrives- she is going to be so excited! They come in other shapes, and even Big and Lil Bro ones for boys!

Recycled Paper Pencils from Moxiepear.  I haven't ordered these yet, but I just know they would make great party favors for a kid's party, or even little gifts like the paper straws if you added a cute topper. You can also order these in an assortment or all one color. How fun!

Cup of Love Brag necklace from Brag About It. I am most definitely getting one of these once we decide on a name for the little guy. No, we still aren't sure... it seems as if we'll be making a final decision on the car trip to the hospital!
Has anyone else found anything good I should know about on etsy lately? My other internet time suck lately has been Pinterest- I'll have to do a post with some great pins I've come across soon! I hope everyone is staying cool! :)


Lea said...

Love the straws! I ordered a similar brag necklace for my mother and grandmother. They loved them! We didn't finalize our sons name until he was out, boys names are more difficlut. He could have been... Jason, Harold (after DH's grandpa), Cameron, Kyle, Ian or Gavin. When we saw him, he was Gavin. But I'm not sure any sweet baby would look like a Harold!

Theresa said...

Hi Sarah. hope you are staying cool. I hear ya with this heat. it's terrible. what great finds. I love etsy too. =)

Keshet said...

All great finds. Somehow I seemed to have missed that you were pregnant--huge congratulations!! Better late than never, right? Can't wait to see photos of the little guy and hear his name!

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