Thursday, October 20, 2011

A new look!

I decided to do a little blog face lift and I'm so happy with the results! I love the color scheme and the fresh new header. It's now a 3 column versus my old 2 column, so now I have a bit more room for links and buttons and fun stuff. I want to make a cute little button for my blog, but I have yet to find a cute digital pear... which leads me to the name change!
We have an old farm house we're in the process of restoring and there used to be an orchard on the property. The only remnant of the orchard is a 100+ year old pear tree that is slowly dying. We love that tree, even if the pears are fewer and smaller than in years past. So, hence the name "vintage pear studio". Do I really have a studio? No. But it sounds cool.
Hopefully I can do some scrapping next week. For now, I'm working on a Halloween costume... it's almost finished! I also have to make a bunch of chocolate mustaches on sticks for a bake sale on Monday. :) Have a great weekend, all!


Chrissy said...

Your "face lift" ::snicker:: looks FANTASTIC! I really really like the new name.

Lana Bisson said...

this is very fresh... pardon the pun...
I need to re-do the time I didn't realize it but my blog looks like its spelled lanas craps@blogspot... hubby pointed it out to me.... lol

its mean to be read as: lana scraps@blogspot...

I see so many fun and cool titles for scrapping blogs..I really want to change the it a big hasell going to each sight and changing the name? will people still be able to find you if you changed the name?

Em said...

Love the colors and the design!!

Theresa said...

love the new look and the new name. perfect. and can't wait to see the costume you are making. i hope you post pics.
Have a fabulous weekend. =)
glad the winds died down.. i want to get outside..

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