Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Daily Made Easy

I love the idea of the December Daily, but last year fell short on my plans for it. And I mean fell short as in... it's still not done. I put a lot of work into the foundation of the book- lots of cardstock, sewed binding, found just the right flocked overlay, hand stitching on the cover.  It had lots of room for journaling and photos, which I really don't have time for this year (or apparently last year either. LOL!).

Here is this year's simple version:

13 Shipping tags from Staples, Maraschino twine from The Twinery, Chevron Tag, December 2011 flair button and Merrymaker Flappers from Ormolu.

This year, a little photo or quick note of our day will be all I need to fill this baby up. I plan to add the photos first (and no pressure to include one from each day), then add the Flappers over top. Seems so easy! Lets see if I can keep up with it. If you're doing one, I'd love to see it. Link me up! :)


*a* said...

Have you ever used those wrappers before? I'm so curious about them. I love the idea of keeping it easy and wish you lots of luck. The supplies you have are beautiful. I'm on my 3rd DD and I have my intro page on my blog. (

Michelle Springer said...

Cute! I love the Ormolu chevron tags.

Theresa said...

oh Sarah. how do you come up with these ideas. fabulous!!!! looks so cute. I still haven't made my 2011 base yet. tomorrow, it will happen.. I've already started taking pictures.. maybe I'll even work on 2010.. ha! =)

ClaireTet said...

I love your ideas of doing it on tags! Genius!

Keshet said...

LOVE these!

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