Thursday, April 12, 2012

ten on ten... sorta

I've always wanted to follow along with the Ten on Ten at a bit of sunshine. The idea is you take 10 photos of your day on the 10th day of the month. I either forget or take a few and then the rest of the day is gone. So this week I tried my best to do it and ended up with six photos, so that's progress at least. :)
Here's my day on 4.10.12
first I wasted some time on the internet...

then this guy did his newest trick... the nose scrunch

then I had some Bill Knapp's Celebration Cake

A new note to Q before I picked her up at school. Dry erase marker on a photo frame. Genius.

This guy chewing on an Easter gift we got in the mail

Sibling love. I just love seeing these two play together.

Next month I'm hoping to get all ten! We'll see how that goes- first I have to remember to do it. You know, sometime before the 11th. :)

*awesome photo overlays courtesy of puglypixel. Get some for yourself here.


Izzy Anderson said...

I love this post. Sweet pics. I love how you posted them on the overlays. What a great effect. Beautiful work. They're like mini layouts.

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