Monday, March 18, 2013

New Spring Twine from The Twinery + a friendship bracelet!

The Twinery is releasing ten new spools of twine today! They are all metallic and shimmery and wonderful!  The first ones I reached for were the new Irridescent Blossom and Carribean Rainbow. My daughter loved them, too, so I decided to make her a friendship bracelet. This was a quick and fun project and I loved these two colors together!

To make a chevron pattern, I used 2 strands of the Iridescent Blossom and 2 strands of the Carribean Rainbow- about 5 feet of each (for my 6 year old's wrist).  I lined up the ends, then folded it in half, making a loop at the top before I knotted them. You'll now have 8 strands. Arrange them so every other strand is a different color, like this:
You'll see I used a clipboard to hold the top of the bracelet as I worked.  Using the two outside strands, first take the left strand and knot it like this- it kind of looks like a 4 or a backwards P:

Pull that strand over to the left. Make two knots like this on every strand until you get to the middle. Then lay the strand you were using to tie with in the middle and start over on the right side, knotting over to the middle like this, pulling your strands to the right now (it looks like a P):

When you get to the middle, knot the two strands you were using for this row together twice. You'll now start the next row with the two outside strands again. Now that you're on a roll, just keep knotting until you get your desired length.  When I got to the end, I divided the strands in half and braided two strips to slip into the top loop, then tied them in a knot to secure it on her wrist.
Head on over to The Twinery's blog to see the other new colors and see what the rest of the team has put together with them!


Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

Just gorgeous!

Kathy Skou said...

This is so cool! Thanks for the tutorial!

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