Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I'm getting back to blogging here by sharing some Valentines today!  Valentines Day is one of my favorite kid holidays because there are lots of fun crafts to make and red and pink everywhere!

These are the Valentines we are sharing with our second grade friends this year- a simple word search we made online (just google "word search generator" to make your own).  We found these cute mini colored pencils at Target and are attaching them with some washi from Paper Issues.  I pinned this idea from dandee last year and we are excited to put it into action!  The funny (or not so funny) thing is that Quinn has been sick for her Valentine parties in preschool, kindergarten and first grade, so we are really hoping that second grade is a charm and she gets to participate in the party instead of just getting a bag of Valentines when she goes back to school and the fun is all over.

These were some cute little packages I put together to send some Lego mini figures off to my nephews.  A glassine bag with a banner on top (Christmas paper doubling as Valentine paper!), some quick layered hearts with paper+vellum, and some alphas for their names made these come together super quick.

We are hoping to get some more Valentine craftiness in here at our house this year. I hope you get to enjoy some, too!
PS- I'm linking up at Paper Issues for the Fill 'er Up theme this week!


Megan Shankland said...

Super cute! I'd love to craft these, even if I'm not a second grader!

Keshet said...

These are beautiful, Sarah! Love the colors!

Andrew Sundberg said...

These are some awesome ideas! I remember 2nd grade and all we had were those cheesy lil cards with candies on them. These are so much better!

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

These are super cute! Thanks so much for linking them up at Paper Issues! :)

Jake Block said...

Wow, very creative, Sarah! I have a cousin who is HUGE into scrapbooking and I bet you two would have a blast together, lol. Do you get together with others and do a lot of crafts or do you do more of them solo?

Thank you for sharing!

Sherri said...

These are just adorable VDay crafts. I may have to try that crossword one, so so cute! Thanks a bunch for linking up at Paper Issues.

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