Thursday, February 6, 2014

One Hour Valentine Banner + tips so you can DIY!

I love Valentines Day and I love banners, so why not mix the two and come up with something really fabulous?!  I made this banner in about an hour and I've got some tips so you can do the same.

First, I cut the hearts on my Silhouette Cameo.  The hearts were part of this file (on sale right now!), where I ungrouped the shapes, deleted everything but the large heart, then resized it to just over 3 inches. I cut four of these from vellum, then four from patterned paper. If you don't have a Cameo or other die cutting machine, cutting the hearts by hand can really be just as fast.  You can either cut one and trace it several times like a stencil, or just cut them all individually- each one slightly different makes a fun and unique banner!
Resizing file and cutting hearts: 10 minutes

Next, I gathered supplies.  This is the most fun part!  Just go through your supplies, pull out anything Valentine related- red, pink, hearts, ribbon, lace, doilies, flowers- you name it!  When starting a project, whether it be a craft project or scrapbook layout, I like to gather up the supplies that coordinate with what I'm doing- whether I use them or not is another thing, but I find that if I have them all together it helps me see what I have, which is easier than digging through drawers looking for things as I am working. This way is a time-saver for me and also I don't get to the end of the project and think "oh, I should have used xxx, but I forgot I had it!"  I put my supplies in a basket, then took it over to my table to get to work.
Supply gathering: 10 minutes

Once I was ready to get to work, I punched holes at the top of both sides of my hearts, then layered the vellum over the patterned paper.   I then laid all four hearts out in a row and started to decide how I wanted my banner to look.  I decided to make small layered areas of embellishments on the bottom right side of every heart.  I laid it all out first, not adhering anything until I was completely sure that's where I wanted it.  I had fun layering buttons, die cuts, cabochon flowers and some flair.  If you're crafting with your kids, give everyone a heart or two to be in charge of- a banner the whole family has contributed to is always fun!  I did not adhere the paper and vellum together, but instead left them as separate, but layered, pieces.
Designing the hearts: 30 minutes

The last step is to decide how you're going to hang the banner and hold it all together.  I first decided on baker's twine, as you can see in my picture with the gathered products, but then decided on some pretty Snug Hug seam binding I got from Paper Issues.  It is pretty and can be a bit ruffly, so it adds the perfect amount of pretty and shabby chic Valentine vibe! I used about 5 inches of pink binding between each heart and attached them by tying small knots at the back of each heart. I had more red binding than pink, so I used longer pieces of that on either side of the banner to hang it with- the length will just depend on how long you need to hang it.
Stringing banner together: 10 minutes

So there is your one hour Valentine banner!  All the little bits and pieces and layers make these really fun to make- each heart is like a little art piece all it's own. If you make a banner, I'd love to see it- leave a link in the comments! 

paper, vellum and die cuts: Crate Paper
Buttons: Fancy Pants, Jenni Bowlin
Cabochon flowers: Studio Calico
Flair: Hello Forever (SC kit)
Seam Binding: Snug Hug from Paper Issues


Jake Block said...

These are great! Home made DIY gifts are always a great touch, and can really show that you care/have taken your time to craft something by hand. Thanks for sharing!

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